Chisesi Products

Chisesi Brothers is famous for our high-quality meat products, a​ll​​ produced with the utmost care and detail to ensure that we continue to deliver the unforgettable taste our customers have counted on for decades.

Our Products Include:

Beef Chili

Our chili is slow simmered using the highest quality beef in a large kettle. Serve on those cold winter days or on a hot dog with cheese.


Our quality cuts of ham are lean, hand selected, netted and smoked with hardwood hickory chips. Perfect for holidays, Sunday dinners, N.O. style poboy or a thin sliced ham sandwich. Gluten Free – Fat Free

Roast Beef

All natuaral top round roast beef seasoned & slow roasted to perfection. Our beef is Low Fat & Gluten Free.

Sliced VIP Ham

For busy people on the go, just grab a pack of pre-sliced VIP ham. Serve for lunch or dinner. 95% Fat Free & Gluten Free.

Ham Steak

Chisesi's ham steaks are thick sliced, 95% fat free & gluten free. Ready to be served with eggs, grits & toast. Makes breakfast every family's favorite meal!

Ham Seasoning

Our ham is cut into small bite-size cubes ready to be cooked with your pot of red beans or smothered cabbage. Fat Free & Gluten Free.

Ham Shank

Our ham shanks are hickory smoked to perfection. Add our ham shank to flavor and season any deep southern dish such as collard greens, cabbage or beans.

Sliced Roast Beef

Pre-sliced roast beef is ready to serve for those who don't want to wait at the deli. Low Fat & Gluten Free.

Schott’s Flat Ranch Ham

Schott's Flat Ranch is great for deli slicing end to end, leaving no waste when slicing. Makes superb poboys for any deli restaurant.

VIP Half of Ham

Our VIP Half of ham is the same as our whole ham, just half the size. We sliced one in half for smaller families or individuals who want to enjoy the flavors of our best seller.

Schott’s Institutional Smoked Whole Ham

Schott's smoked whole boneless ham is hickory smoked. It's fabulous when served at a gathering or celebration. This ham is juicy, moist & downright delicious!

Cajun Roast Beef

All natural top round roast beef is injected with Tony Chachere’s, mixed with special seasonings and slow roasted. Every bite has a spicy bold Cajun flavor that every spicy lover can’t resist.

Tony Chachere Smoked Sausage

Chisesi’s Pride teamed up with the iconic Cajun brand Tony Chachere’s, and together we created a sausage with a bold flavor that satisfies every Cajun lover’s taste buds.

Hogs for the Cause Smoked Sausage

Hogs for the Cause was originally created by a group of New Orleans chefs, and Chisesi’s Pride purchased the brand soon after. We mildly smoke the sausage and blend it with five peppers with a slight sweetness. It is perfect for grilling, a pot of red beans, cabbage or on a sandwich.

Ricky Jackson Smoked Sausage

This sausage was created for the hall of famer Saints player, Rickey Jackson. We blend the pork with our finest spices, for that zesty flavor many tailgators and families love. This sausage is on the grills at many tailgate parties outside of the Mercedes Benz- Superdome in New Orleans.

Smoked Sausage

Hardwood hickory smoked rope smoke sausage has the right blend of spices for a rich and savory taste. Also available in 1 and 3 pound packs. Serve in a pot of white beans, on a po' boy, or cooked on a grill.

VIP Green Onion Smoke Sausage

Chisesi’s VIP Green Onion Sausage is used by many New Orleans families to flavor their southern dishes. Hickory smoked, seasoned with green onions and other specialty seasonings.

Mild Green Onion Smoked Sausage

Families love our mild green onion sausage. Hickory smoked, seasoned with green onions and other specialty seasonings.

VIP Hickory Smoked Sausage Mild

This sausage is smoked with mild hickory flavor, blended with the perfect amount of spices in order to make this rope smoke sausage our VIP. You can find it sold in a 1 pound pack, which can accommodate the smaller household. New Orleans families love this in comfort foods, the grill or on a sandwich.

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